OPPO Air Glass smart glasses unboxing

After three years and three generations of research and development, in the recently held OPPO Future Technology Conference, OPPO officially released a new generation of smart glasses - OPPO Air Glass, which will be officially launched next spring.

Liu Chang, director of OPPO Research Institute, said that smart glasses should have four characteristics: beauty, lightness, universality and tools. The future of smart glasses will become the "third screen" after the personal cell phone, watch.

OPPO Air Glass is inspired by flying feathers and weighs less than 30g, making it the lightest monocular waveguide eyewear in the industry, which gives users the same feeling as wearing sunglasses and significantly reduces the "foreign body feeling" when using it.

It is equipped with OPPO's own micro-optical machine and cutting-edge Micro LED, as well as custom diffractive light waveguide technology, supporting four types of interaction: touch, voice, gesture and head movement control.

It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 wearable device platform, integrating self-developed Spark micro-optical machine, micro LED and custom light waveguide technology. Among them, Spark micro light machine is currently the industry's smallest light machine, only about the size of a coffee bean.

The lens part breaks away from the traditional round or round rectangle design, and is shaped like a cicada wing with gradient screen printing, adding a sense of lightness to its appearance.

The mirror part is slim throughout, and the delicate structure is stacked with devices including optical machine, PCB motherboard, touch, battery, dual microphone, speaker and so on.

OPPO Air Glass provides users with a rich variety of application cards, including OPPO's own applications and third-party applications, to achieve a breakthrough transformation from a toy to a tool for smart glasses. Own applications include weather query, schedule management, health management and other common functions.

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