moto razr 2022 Unboxing

The moto razr 2022 incorporates the third generation of star-track pivot, relying on the new multi-dimensional linkage dual-axis structure to bring greater space within the axis, and through a better screen sliding solution and smaller pivot to bring up to 3.1 R-angle. This is also the largest R-angle curvature performance in vertical folding screen phones, further enhancing the support and stability of the phone screen, to achieve the purpose of "seamless folding".

At the same time, with as many as six layers of screen support structure to ensure the folding resistance of the screen, combined with the innovative design of the pivot structure to bring "unrolling no trace" screen effect, to reap the support of multi-angle hover function.

The moto razr 2022 has a large 2.7-inch full-featured intelligent external screen and a 6.7-inch 144Hz high refresh rate 1 billion color OLED internal screen, with myui 4.0 intuitive interaction and customized external screen applications and internal and external screen linkage interaction for Chinese users, bringing 9 external panels including camera, weather and smart travel.

For example, users can directly open the application list of almost all the outer screen applications; the application adaptations made for apps such as recorder and photo album and three interesting features such as the mechanical dial design of the rudder flywheel, dice game and space jump.

Despite the compact interior, the moto razr 2022 still comes with a flagship imaging solution of 50MP OIS stabilization main camera + 13MP super wide-angle macro lens.

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