Amazfit GTS 4 Unboxing

Amazfit GTS 4 adopts a stylish square screen design, the thickness of the watch body is only 9.9mm, and it is as light as 27g, which is extremely thin and light. It has four color schemes: quiet black, water rhythm white, floral powder, and sunset gold, priced at 1199 yuan.

The health management function of Amazfit GTS 4 has been newly upgraded, and it is equipped with a new dual-three-color light 4-channel BioTracker 4.0 high-precision bio-tracking sensor to achieve more accurate health data collection capabilities.

It provides functions such as heart rate belt-level exercise heart rate monitoring, blood pressure health research, all-weather blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, and PAI health assessment system to protect your health in an all-round way.

Amazfit GTS 4 has made a new breakthrough in the sports management function, adding support for 150+ sports modes such as golf swing, gym strength training, playground lap, etc., supplemented by real-time voice broadcast and PeakBeats professional sports algorithm, making sports more professional.

GPS positioning is more accurate, the world's first metal body dual-frequency right-hand circularly polarized GPS antenna patented design, supports the world's six major satellite positioning systems, and adopts L1 + L5 dual-frequency GPS technology, positioning is faster and more accurate. At the same time, the functions of track import, track navigation and real-time track are realized, which can realize faster navigation and recording of outdoor tracks.

In terms of battery life, after the power consumption optimization of software and hardware, the Amazfit GTS 4 still achieves 8 days of daily battery life under such a thin and light body. At the same time, it supports clock mode, which can be used for up to 30 days in clock mode.

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