RealmeBook enhanced version unboxing

Earlier this month, realme released a new generation of notebook realmeBook Enhanced Edition with enhanced performance, priced at 4,699 yuan.

Compared to the previously released version, the realmeBook Enhanced Edition notebook adds a new azure color scheme and a thin body thickness of 14.9mm, while also bringing VC liquid cooling for a 32.7% improvement in heat dissipation.

In terms of performance, the realmeBook Enhanced Notebook features a 14-inch 2K screen with Intel i5-11320H processor, 10nm process, 4 cores and 8 threads design, 21.8% multi-core improvement, 68% GPU improvement, with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

In order to cope with the heat problem brought about by the increased performance, realme has added VC liquid cooling technology to the notebook, and with the dual fan cooling system, the overall cooling capacity of the whole machine has been improved by 32.7% and the performance release has been increased by 50%.

Although the additional cooling module brings a small increase in weight to the body, the weight of the whole machine is increased from 1.38kg to 1.47kg, which is still within the thin and light category.

The realme Book Enhanced Edition is equipped with high-quality dual speakers customized from HARMAN, which can reproduce the real sound in its original form and DTS stunning surround sound, allowing users to fully enjoy the theater-like immersive live feeling.

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