Is there a hidden function in Apple’s iPhone memo? One-key changeable scanner

For a long time, Apple's mobile phone has steadily occupied the position of the big brother in the high-end mobile phone market, and has been favored by many consumers. The most exciting thing is the smooth and simple system, and some of the apps that come with the Apple system have many wonderful uses.

However, many users are not clear about the hidden functions of the Apple mobile phone's own App. Today, I will teach you a little trick to use the Apple mobile phone memo, so that your memo will become a work and study artifact in seconds!

For student parties and office workers, it is often necessary to deal with various paper documents and learning materials, but it is inconvenient to carry these documents and materials with them, so most people choose to scan paper documents into electronic documents to save. The Apple mobile phone's memo has such a function. Users can long press the mobile phone's memo app and select the scan document function to scan paper documents into electronic files for storage.

At the same time, the app can automatically correct even if the document is tilted during scanning. If it is a foreign language file, you can also long press to select one-key translation on the electronic document interface, allowing you to easily understand various foreign language documents.

The scanning function of the Memo App also supports continuous scanning of multiple pages, and users can share the generated electronic files after scanning. It is worth mentioning that users can also use this function to extract the text in the picture and convert it into editable text.

Finally, the memo that comes with Apple’s mobile phone also has a “magic trick”.

When you want to hide some pictures in the album, you can create a memo, drag the pictures you want to hide into the memo, click the three dots icon in the upper right corner, and select Lock to hide the pictures.

To view hidden pictures, you need to enter a password and enable face unlock. All kinds of documents that need to be kept secret can be hidden after taking pictures to protect privacy.

Author: King
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