How to transfer to ios (how to switch from android to apple with one click)

The recent release of the iPhone 14 series has made many friends around them update their mobile phones, some from iPhones to new ones, and some from Android to iPhones.

I used to be an iPhone user, but I am using the OPPO Find X2 Pro after the iPhone X was released. So what changes and troubles will I bring when I switch to the iPhone14 series and from Android to iPhone this time?

how to transfer to ios how to switch from android to apple with one click

Easy to change steps

On Android phones, it is very convenient to transfer files to and from the same brand or between different brands. However, transferring files from Android to iOS is more laborious.

However, in the products of recent years, Apple has already added the function of restoring backups from Android phones, which can directly transfer data.

Detailed method:

  • 1. Download the "Transfer to iOS" APP on the Android phone.
  • 2. Open the APP and authorize.
  • 3. Select "Transfer data from Android device" on your iPhone.
  • 4. Enter the pairing code.

The whole process is a little more troublesome than transferring between Androids, but the overall speed is still acceptable. It is worth noting that data can only be transferred from Android when it is activated. If it has been activated, all data must be erased.


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