Windows 11 bluetooth icon disappeared how to do?

What should I do if the Win11 Bluetooth icon is missing? Recently some users asked this question, when using the computer accidentally deleted the Bluetooth icon inside the computer, how should I recover it? For this problem, this brings a detailed Win11 Bluetooth icon deleted recovery method, the operation is simple and easy to follow, share it with you, let's take a look.

Usually laptops in the lower right corner when the Bluetooth function is closed is no Bluetooth icon, in this state, just we need to press the shortcut Win + A, open the function switch, the Bluetooth switch can be turned on.

Please note that the above picture shows that the Bluetooth function is off and is blue when turned on!

If you are sure that the above functions are turned on but there is still no small icon in the bottom right corner, then please look down.

Win11 Bluetooth icon deletion recovery method:

1. open Settings.

2. find "Bluetooth & devices" in the left menu, then "Show more devices" on the right.

3. scroll down and find "More Bluetooth settings".

4. In the new pop-up window, find "Show Bluetooth icon in notification area", and check the checkbox in front of it.

The above is the Win11 Bluetooth icon deleted recovery method, if you still have questions, welcome to leave a message to discuss!

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