Is mobile SD Card expansion important? A new survey is out and what do you think

At some point, phones gradually became non-sd memory card expansion, and only a few phones released in China this year support SD memory card expansion, such as SONY Xperia 1 IV and Huawei Mate Xs 2. The average user who wants more flash memory space has to pay for a phone with a larger memory size.

On mobile phones, do we really not need SD card expansion? Recently, there is a foreign media to do a questionnaire survey about mobile SD memory card expansion, mobile China take you to see the answers of this group of foreign netizens!

First of all, there is a survey of "how important SD memory card expansion is to you". We can see that about 45% of people choose "it is very good but not very important", nearly 40% of people choose "I will not buy a phone without SD memory card expansion", and about 15% of people choose "I do not need it".

How important SD memory card expansion is to you

The second survey asked "what is the storage size of your mobile phone now?" among them, 128GB to 256GB accounted for 35.58%. The second is 64GB to 128GB; Owning more than 256GB of storage ranked third. The rest is less.

What is the storage specification of your current phone

Mobile phone manufacturers gradually cancel SD memory card expansion, on the one hand, for the consideration of income and cost, each additional hardware function of mobile phone, the cost and body weight will rise, and if support SD memory card expansion will to a certain extent, the manufacturer's hands of larger storage space models can not sell.

On the other hand, The read and write speed of SD memory card is too slow. Even the best SD memory card that can be normally purchased on the market at present, the read and write speed is only one tenth or even lower than the current read and write speed of mobile phone. This situation will also reduce the user experience. In the stack of these problems, mobile phone manufacturers choose not to support SD memory card expansion is also a very reasonable thing.

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