Do not spend more money, 5 points of experience in choosing a laptop

Recently many friends are considering buying or replacing a laptop, but in the face of the many notebook brands on the market, the parameters of the configuration and the type of game book and can not start, especially when you see some of the parameters do not understand, it is a huge headache.

So, in the end, how to use the lowest budget, to buy a satisfactory and suitable for their own laptop? To this end, today I have organized a number of points to choose this, try to do not take the wrong road not to waste every penny, and finally buy a laptop of their choice.

1 Budget and Purpose

Before you understand the parameters of your laptop, you should first determine your budget and usage. The budget determines your psychological price, while the use determines your ultimate purpose of buying a laptop. For example, if you are a college student and you are studying a professional course that requires a certain level of computer performance, and you want to play games with your roommates in your free time, and you have a budget of about $8,000, then it is recommended that you buy a high-performance gaming notebook computer that takes into account both learning and entertainment needs.

But if you are a business office user, and need to travel frequently, then the business thin and light notebook is undoubtedly the best choice.

2 CPU (PC Core)

The importance of the CPU should be known to everyone, equivalent to the human brain, determines the computing speed of the laptop, the better the CPU the faster the laptop will be. And laptop CPUs are generally not replaceable, so it's best to give it full consideration when you buy it.

Currently, laptop CPUs are mainly produced by two manufacturers, Intel and AMD, of which intel's most widely used Core Core series; AMD's is the Ryzen series.

Core series, its performance can be roughly determined from the prefix, positioning and suffix. i7 is its prefix, in the Core series, there are mainly i3, i5, i7 and i9, distinguished positioning low-end, low-end, mid-high-end and high-end, the performance is enhanced in turn; 9750 is its generation and level, where the first number is more important, is the main generation, the larger the generation means the newer the product, the stronger the performance, such as i7 -12700H>i7-11800H>i7-10875H>i7-10710U

The Rex series is similar to Core naming, take R5-5600H as an example, R5 is the prefix, currently there are mainly R5 and R7; 5600 is the generation number, which means it belongs to the Ryzen 5000 series; the suffix is H, also H>U. An example is R7-6800H>R7-5800H>R5-5600H>R5-4600H>R5-4600U.

3 Video Cards

The main processing graphics, divided into nuclear / integrated graphics and graphics, for thin and light book and office book, often in order to range and portability will use a set of graphics, the current set of computers can basically meet the office or learning needs, because the processor is now integrated with a nuclear display, and the performance is not weak. With a single display will not be as advanced as the game book, if the professional software support graphics acceleration, you can buy entry-level single display.

So the principle of buying: light office to buy a set of graphics, play games to buy a single display, depending on your personal needs.

Of course, if you are a frequent user of the game, with the standard of the game book on the market now, it is recommended that you take the RTX3050 graphics card as the minimum standard, the RTX series of graphics cards not only have the light chase function, and the game effect experience is more excellent.

4 Screen

If the game book, mainly to play games, large screen is fast, it is recommended to choose more than 15.6 inches; and thin and light book is based on light, it is recommended 13.3-15 inches. Designers and other people with high requirements for color, pay attention to the screen color gamut parameters. If it is a gaming player, then the high refresh rate of the screen, such as 144Hz can bring a more smooth picture experience.

5 Memory and Hard Drives

The first is the memory, used to temporarily store the CPU in the computing data, to play the icing on the cake, this look at the data to know, the current mainstream is 16GB, you can also buy can add their own memory composed of 16G notebook, convenient upgrade; as for the hard disk, the mainstream basic by solid state, capacity and price is proportional, you can also choose to replace their own solid state notebook, convenient upgrade.

Overall, the main thing is to determine your needs first, buy a laptop is to do with what, and then combine their budget to choose the right one for them. Of course, for the rich friends, the higher the price is basically the better, only to the expensive to buy the right, then the funds are more tangled friends, or honestly select cost-effective it, the money spent on the edge is the way to go.

Author: King
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