Science : How to use lasers and fireworks in iPhone iMessages

iPhone users can add a little excitement to iMessage with a hidden feature in Apple's Messages app. For added impact, lasers and fireworks can be displayed on the iPhone with sound and vibration. Since the iPhone can do so much more, messages no longer have to be limited to text, emojis and photos.

The iPhone features unique features that can't be seen but can be felt. Apple offers one of the most advanced smartphone vibration systems for providing feedback to the user about the action that is happening, called haptics. It sounds like the rumble of a game controller when you crash a car or win a prize. Haptics is utilized in everyday actions on the iPhone, such as unlocking the phone, flipping switches or adding special effects in iMessage.

Apple's iPhone messaging software has an interesting feature that allows you to create a full-screen effect for iMessage that incorporates both audio and haptics. These effects can have an impact on the message as long as they are not excessive, as this would take away from its freshness. There is a way to get these effects.

A message is usually sent by clicking the up arrow, but it can be sent with a special effect by pressing and holding the Send button. This will open a window with two tabs. Bubble and Screen. The laser and fireworks effects can be accessed under the screen tab. There is a wide variety of effects to choose from, and swiping left or right provides a sample of the effects. The full range of effects, including any sounds and tactile sensations, are not felt until the message is delivered, which can be achieved by tapping the arrow after selecting the desired effect.

Currently, there are eight screen effects available, including 'Echo', 'Spotlight', 'Balloon', 'Confetti ', 'Love', 'Laser', 'Fireworks' and 'Celebration'. The final image appears to be a sparkler ejecting bright afterimages from a corner. Several effects have sounds and tactile sensations that are quite striking, while others are automatically activated by the entered text. For example, "Pew pew" activates the laser effect, while "Happy New Year" activates the fireworks display.

When a less spectacular effect is desired, a bubble effect that animates the message in a milder way can be used. Invisible Ink", "Gentle", "Loud" and "Fierce" are among the effects. The last three contain varying degrees of animation to capture attention, from subtle motion to jitter and fly-in effects. Invisible ink hides the content before tapping, making it both entertaining and reminiscent of a secret message. These interesting effects are part of what sets iPhone iMessages apart from SMS text.

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