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The explosion of the Switch has also set PC emulators on fire, with you singing and vying for the entry of new PK features. A few days ago, Yuzu announced that it has started testing the online gaming feature of the emulator, with the first wave of support for Super Mario Maker and Super Mario: Odyssey.

Yuzu says it has entered into a partnership with Raptor as a network support provider to replace the Nintendo Online service.

In Super Mario Maker 2, you can make levels with friends and share them online. In Super Mario: Odyssey, on the other hand, you can play the online network match game Luigi's Balloon World and more.


win yuzu v20230114 swtich emulator download

Yuzu's recent iterations have been tightly paced and have reached achievements such as halving memory footprint and native support for multi-core and multi-threading. Yuzu is reportedly written in C++ and has support for both Windows/Linux.

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[Win] yuzu v1369

[Win] yuzu v20230114

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