[Win] robocopy – File synchronization tool for Windows

Robocopy.exe is a program provided by Microsoft in Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to perform backups, Windows Vista system already comes with this command line program. If you cannot find robocopy.exe in the system, you can download the Kit Tools provided by Microsoft to install it.

win robocopy file sync tool for windows


Source :: Source directory (drive:\ path or \ server\ shared\ path).

Destination :: Destination directory (drive:\ path or \ server \ shared \ path).

/S :: Copies subdirectories, but does not copy empty subdirectories.

/E :: Copies subdirectories, including empty subdirectories.

/COPY:Copy marker:: the contents of the file to be copied (default is /COPY:DAT).

(Copy marker: D=Data, A=Attribute, T=Timestamp).

(S=Security=NTFS ACL, O=Owner information, U=Audit information).

/SEC :: Copies files with security (equivalent to /COPY:DATS)

/COPYALL :: Copies all file information (equivalent to /COPY:DATSOU)

/MT[:n] :: multi-threaded copy using n threads (default is 8)

n must be at least 1 but not greater than 128.

This option is incompatible with the /IPG and /EFSRAW options.

Use the /LOG option to redirect output for best performance.

/R:n :: number of retries for failed copies: the default is 1 million.

Since the file server is fully required in this migration, wrapping all files, directories, permissions, etc., the following reference is used

robocopy \\2008R2\e\$\Share e:\Share /e /copyall /mt:20 /R:3 /log:E:\log\Share.log

\\2008R2\e$\Share source directory, i.e. the directory on the old 2008R2 server, or you can use the share directly

e:\Share destination directory, i.e. the directory on the new 2012R2 server.

/E Copies subdirectories, including empty ones.

/COPYALL Copies all file information (including data, attributes, timestamps, security, owner, audit information, etc.).

/MT:20 Multi-threaded replication using 20 threads.

/R:3 Number of retries for failed copies, since the default is 1 million, if you encounter a file that cannot be copied and retry 1 million times, it will take a few days, so it is recommended to change it.

/log:E:\log\Share.log records the replication results in the log file so that you can see the error or failure information.


[Win] robocopy

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