[Win] AppleWin v1.30.14.1 – The best template software for Apple APPLEII

The best software to simulate APPLE II on Windows, fully emulated

With the Apple II, the MOS 6502 created a new concept of personal computing in the minds of the public. The Apple II (sometimes spelled "Apple ][" or "Apple //") was the first widely used microcomputer produced by Apple.

win applewin v1 30 14 1 the best template software for apple appleii

Its direct ancestor was the Apple I - a limited, circuit board-based computer.
Many electronic players based their innovations on this computer, making the Apple II a commercial success.
Since its debut at the West Coast Computer Faire in 1977, the Apple II has been one of the first and most successful personal computers.
Various models were released and sold, with the most popular model remaining slightly unchanged until the 1990s.
By 1993, an estimated 5-6 million Apple IIs had been produced (including around 1.25 million Apple IIGS). - 11 Mar 2023

  • [Bug #1193] Fix for reading AY regs after AY Function set to INACTIVE. (Fix for mb-audit v1.3.)




AppleWin v1.30.14.1

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