SONY released DualSense handle firmware upgrade assistant

PS5 DualSense handle is considered by some people as the most ideal PC handle, they covet this handle's adaptive trigger and "the most subtle vibration", but unfortunately only a few PC games can take advantage of these advanced features.

For the PC there is another obstacle that can not be ignored, Sony does not provide PS5 handle drivers, users must also use the PS5 handle firmware upgrade - now well, the official PlayStation website provides DualSense handle firmware upgrade assistant (Firmware updater for DualSense wireless controller), connect the handle via USB cable to upgrade the firmware for it, PC users do not have to buy a PS5 for the handle.

Offical Website


Sony warmly reminds that only one handle can be upgraded at a time, if you have two handles, you need to connect one by one to upgrade; overwrite the firmware during the disconnection, or turn off the PC.

As for the driver, PC users can turn on the "PlayStation configuration support" in the Steam controller settings page.

Only at this time is the use of older DirectInput API instead of XInput and handle communication, resulting in many games will be regarded as a universal handle, can not be adapted to its default layout, players need to go into the game to set or adjust their own. Therefore, the best PC platform game handle is still held by the Xbox family, since the 360 era has not changed.

Only a few games currently offer DualSense support, such as Deathloop, where players need to disable "PlayStation Configuration Support" to experience the subtleties of the controller (which may be connected to the controller via USB).

Other games that recognize the DualSense handle include Crysis 6, Assassin's Creed: Hall of Valor, Metro Exodus, Death Stranding: Director's Cut, and more. The original Gods added support for DualSense in the form of a post-patch after the game's release, contributing to the promotion and popularity of DualSense.

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