NVIDIA FRAMEVIEW APP – NVIDIA Introduces New Framerate Display and Scoring Software

FrameView is similar to Fraps in that it can display Displayed FPS and Rendered FPS.

nvidia frameview app nvidia introduces new framerate display and scoring software

Interestingly, FrameView also offers a graphics card power tracking feature to help check the status of the GPU, and although this feature supports both AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards, NVIDIA has stated that the power consumption data for AMD graphics cards is not accurate, as "AMD's graphics card power consumption API provides feedback on the power of the new product and the power of the circuit board, not the actual power consumption", and NVIDIA is urging gamers to contact AMD. The reason for this is that "AMD's power consumption API provides feedback on new product power and board power, not actual power consumption" and NVIDIA is urging gamers to contact AMD for an accurate API.

NVIDIA says FrameView collects information on all major API interfaces and virtually all game data for DirectX 9,10,11 and 12, OpenGL, Vulkan and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.

As for the software, the scoring process is also quite lightweight, and performance and statistics are displayed while the player is playing, with very little impact on PC performance.





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