Microsoft Edge v113.0.1774.35

Microsoft Edge browser ushered in a new version release, detailed version number v113.0.1774.35, Microsoft Edge browser based on Google Chromium kernel, the new interface is more refreshing and modern, fully support global translation, reading mode, third-party extension plug-ins and human voice read aloud and various other features. In addition, the new standalone version has a significantly optimised memory footprint, is relatively more power efficient and smoother, better suited for laptop users and fully supports compatibility with all platforms.

Microsoft Edge v113.0.1774.35 (2023-05-06)

Enhanced security mode:

With Enhanced Security Mode enabled, users are offered additional protection when browsing the web and visiting unfamiliar websites. In this release, the update includes combining the security level settings into a balanced and strict mode.

MacOS version of Microsoft Autoupdate upgraded to EdgeUpdater

The macOS version of the Microsoft Edge browser uses the EdgeUpdater updater, which can be set via UpdateDefault if the user still wishes to select Microsoft Autoupdate.

New PDF view settings policy introduced

The newly introduced RestorePdfView policy allows administrators to control PDF view restoration in Microsoft Edge.

If the policy is enabled or not configured, Microsoft Edge will restore the last state of the PDF view and place the user in the section they finished reading in the previous session.

How to update Microsoft Root Store policies

The Microsoft RootStoreEnabled policy will continue to be supported in Edge versions 113/114, but will be removed in Edge version 115.



Microsoft Edge v113.0.1774.35 Official Offline Installer 64-bit

Microsoft Edge v113.0.1774.35 Official Offline Installer 32-bit

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