Logitech Connection Utility – Logitech Wireless Code Matching Tool

While we enjoy the convenience of technology, such as wireless mice, wireless keyboards and other products, may also encounter the product receiver lost or damaged. Some of the devices with Bluetooth code function is okay, if you encounter 2.4G wireless connection products, then you need to use Logitech Connection Utility this code tool.

Logitech Connection Utility is an official Logitech wireless product code tool, simply put is in your receiver lost after buying a new receiver used to pair the tool. With this tool, no longer afraid of wireless receiver lost, you can always buy a new one to pair, that is, to save money and peace of mind.

logitech connection utility logitech wireless code matching tool

Homepage: https://support.logi.com/hc/zh-cn/articles/360025141574


Logitech Connection Utility v2.30.9

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