Download Win11 Ultimate Lite System Tiny11 v202302

Tiny11 v202302 version 2 updates:

After the release of the first version of Tiny11 system, NEDTV today released the second version of Tiny11 system, there are three major changes, the first is to add back the Microsoft App Store, the second is to remove the Teams application, which is of little use.

The third upgrade is more important, he removed some sponsored applications, after all, the author is also Cha rice, before the pre-installed some applications, equivalent to advertising to people, now more refreshing.

There is also the second version of Tiny11 also upgraded to the January patch, anyway, all aspects are better some, want to experience the extreme streamlining of the players can try.



The Windows 11 system has a lot of slots, leaving aside the interface UI, operating logic, which may be a matter of opinion, the higher hardware configuration requirements, the more bloated installation package, I am afraid that many people do not see.

So the developers of NEDEV created Tiny11, in short, the Windows 11 Lite version.

download win11 ultimate lite system tiny11 v202302

The system is based on the original ISO image of Win11 22H2 Professional Edition "magic", the main adjustments include the following aspects: 1.

1, significantly reduce the hardware requirements, RAM minimum 2GB (Win11 professional original version requires 4GB), hard disk space reserved 8GB can be installed.

2, remove the native support TPM and Secure Boot installation requirements.

3, streamline the system, completely slim, remove useless components, pre-installed programs, etc.

It should be noted that although the hustle and bustle to make adjustments to the original ISO, Tiny11 is not a ghost nor a pirated version, the system still requires a genuine key to activate and use.

But as a reminder, as a private or tripartite system, security is all about conscience and self-awareness, so users with deep concerns about this are advised not to touch it.

In fact, before that, NEDEV also made Tiny10, which, as the name suggests, is the Win10 Lite version.


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