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It looks like bad timing for driver updates for both AMD and Nvidia, as both major GPU vendors are dealing with driver issues. AMD recently confirmed a rare bug that can cause a performance hit of over 50%, while Nvidia has been forced to release a special hotfix driver for high CPU usage situations. Speaking of high CPU bugs, Nvidia has today bundled the fix into its GeForce Game Ready WHQL certified drivers, making it available to all users.

In addition to this, the new driver version 531.29 brings DLSS 3 technology to the closed beta of ATOMIC HEARTS and THE FINALS, as well as other bug fixes. nvidia has also confirmed several issues that the company is working on, including one that caused a black screen in Hogwarts Legacy.

The full changelog is given below:

Fixed Issues in Version 531.29 WHQL

  • Higher CPU usage from NVIDIA Container might be observed after exiting a game [4007208]
  • Stability issues may be observed on certain laptops with GeForce GTX 10/MX250/350 series GPUs [4008527]
  • Adobe application stability issues using 531.18 [4009055][4008751]

Open Issues in Version 531.29 WHQL

  • Toggling HDR on and off in-game causes game stability issues when non-native resolution is used. [3624030]
  • Monitor may briefly flicker on waking from display sleep if DSR/DLDSR is enabled. [3592260]
  • [Halo Wars 2] In-game foliage is larger than normal and displays constant flickering [3888343]
  • [GeForce RTX 4090] Watch Dogs 2 may display flickering when staring at the sky [3858016]
  • [Hogwarts Legacy] Black Screen/Hang on Launch at Shader Compilation Screen using Driver 531.18 [4012825]
    • Workaround: Close and relaunch game.
  • Applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters cause games to crash [4008945]
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins stability issues using 531.18 [4008770]


NVIDIA GeForce 531.29 WHQL Desktop

NVIDIA GeForce 531.29 WHQL Mobile

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