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Google Chrome ushered in v111 first version release, detailed version number v111.0.5563.65, the last official version v110.0.5481.178 released on 23 February, after 13 days Google released a new version of Chrome browser, this update is mainly updated security fixes and stability improvements and user experience.

google chrome v107 0 5304 107 release

Changes in the new version

Chrome v111.0.5563.65(2023-03-08)

The main update to Google Chrome v111, Chrome 111 has improved the 'download bubble' user interface that Google has been working on since Chrome 99. The large row of downloads at the bottom of the screen has been replaced by a 'download bubble' in the top toolbar, showing a list of recent downloads. "Chrome 111 further improves this interface by adding numbers to show how many files are being downloaded.

The download bubble can be turned on with two Chrome flags.

Web applications are always a key focus for Chrome updates. With Chrome 111, Google is bringing a new API to the browser that makes it easier for developers to create smooth transitions between pages. This will make web apps feel more like native apps.

Chrome 111 also adds the ability to revoke permissions for forgotten websites, many of which ask for various permissions when a user visits. Location, notifications, clipboard, camera, etc. Users are only asked to grant access once and then are allowed indefinitely, which is obviously not very good, so Chrome 111 adds the ability to automatically revoke these permissions. This now includes more personalised suggestions and reminders, including revoking permissions for sites the user has not visited in over two months.


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