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AIDA64, the leading hardware identification tool, has today released its latest version 6.10, which fully supports China's two x86 CPU processors, Zhaoxin and Haiguang. Previously, CPU-Z 1.89 software and Linux 5.3 system kernel have already supported Zhaoxin CPUs, "Chinese core" is gaining more and more recognition.

download aida64 6 10

According to the changelog, AIDA64 6.10 has quite extensive support for the Mega Core platform:

1、Complete support for Mega Core ZX-C+ and KX-5000 series desktop processors, and Kaiser ZX-C+ and Kaiser KH-20000 series server processors.

2、Support for AVX, AES-NI and PadLock instruction sets of the above processors

3、Support the integrated memory controller of many Zhaoxin processors

4、Complete support for MegaChip ZX-100, ZX-100S and ZX200 chipsets

5,preliminary support for the latest MegaChip KX-6000 series processors

For Haiguang, AIDA64 6.10 has fully supported Haiguang C86 Mukti, Dhyana two series of processors, based on AMD's licensed Zen architecture, mainly for data centres, servers, workstations and other professional markets.


AIDA64 6.10

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