AMD Adrenalin Edition Drivers v23.4.3 WHQL

AMD today pushed out the Adrenalin Edition 23.4.3 graphics driver for Radeon graphics card owners. It's a little light on changes, but it is carrying support for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and a couple of bug fixes.

Respawn Entertainment's highly anticipated Star Wars game is releasing tomorrow, April 28, and AMD is recommending an upgrade to this driver before jumping into Cal Kestis' Jedi boots. AMD hasn't detailed exactly what sort of improvements are included, but reports say the game is suffering some optimization issues at launch, so it's almost always a good idea to have the latest drivers installed.

As Naughty Dog continues to work on The Last of Us Part 1's wonky PC port, AMD is also joining in with the bug hunt. Here are the fixed issues in this release:

  • Red corruption may occur in World War Z™: Aftermath when using the Vulkan® API.
  • Longer than expected shader compilation time when first launching THE LAST OF US™ Part I.

Known Issues

  • High idle power has situationally been observed when using select high-resolution and high refresh rate displays on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • Video stuttering or performance drops may be observed during gameplay and video playback with some extended display configurations on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • Some virtual reality games or applications may experience lower-than-expected performance on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • Brief display corruption may occur when switching between video and game windows on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6700 XT.
  • Application crash may be intermittently observed while playing RuneScape™ on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 5700 XT.
  • AMD is working with the game developers of Hogwarts Legacy™ to resolve issues with water corruption on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 580.

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