NVIDIA GeForce 528.02 Driver Download

Recently, NVIDIA officially released the RTX 4070 Ti graphics card, and the new graphics driver, not surprisingly, adds support for the new graphics card.

NVIDIA has now released the Game Ready 528.02 WHQL driver, which provides the first optimized support for the RTX 4070 Ti graphics card.

In addition, the driver also provides support for two games, "Battlefield" and "Dakar Desert Rally", both of which support DLSS 3.0.

Currently, the RTX 4070 Ti is officially on sale.

Specifications, RTX 4070 Ti based on the AD104 core, integrated 35.8 billion transistors, more than the previous generation of flagship core GA102, but 294.5 square millimeters of area instead of more than half smaller, transistor density of more than 120 million / square millimeter, TSMC 4N process is quite powerful.

CUDA core opened all 7680, compared to the previous generation RTX 3070 Ti 25% more, but not as good as RTX 3080 12GB, the core frequency standard 2310-2610MHz, which is also the highest frequency of N card so far.

Next up are the bug fixes, which Nvidia has managed to squash quite a bit in this update:

  • Portal RTX hangs during resolution/mode changes and GFE recording [3894168]
  • [DirectX 12] Shadowplay recording may appear overexposed when using HDR is enabled from Windows display settings. [200742937]
  • AVS4You Monochrome Video Preview [3890225]
  • Player reports black/gray screen on Outer Wilds with 522.25 driver [3841593]
  • Lumion Pro 12.3 - severe corruption observed in the application window [3784371]
  • Fixed brightness issues on some laptops [3765244]

The following are known issues that are still being researched:

  • When using a non-native resolution, toggling HDR on and off in-game causes game stability issues. [3624030]
  • If DSR/DLDSR is enabled, the monitor may flicker briefly when waking up from display sleep. [3592260]
  • [Halo Wars 2] The in-game foliage is larger than normal and the display flickers constantly [3888343]
  • [Steam Edition] Forza Horizon 4 may freeze after 15-30 minutes of gameplay [3866530]
  • [GeForce RTX 4090] Watch Dogs 2 may show flickering when staring at the sky [3858016]

Nvidia 528.02 Game Ready drivers are now available through the GeForce Experience application. Those who prefer a direct download can find a separate link below. The release notes can be read here:



NVIDIA GeForce 528.02 WHQL Desktop

NVIDIA GeForce 528.02 WHQL Mobile

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