[Win] OBS Studio v29 Beta – Add AV1 encoding support for AMD/Intel graphics

OBS Studio Edition is a free and open source software for video recording as well as live streaming, known to domestic gamers as Live Streaming Magic. The latest version v28.1 adds hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series "Ada" GPUs. This takes advantage of the updated NVENC hardware media encoder that comes with "Ada", which has fixed-function hardware to encode AV1 video, a royalty-free format that offers quality and bit rates comparable to HEVC. Aside from the fact that this is only available for the RTX 40 series, there are a few limitations. First, only NV12 (OBS default) and P010 color formats are supported. The "rescale" feature in the advanced output mode is not currently supported.

According to the changelog shown on GitHub, this update supports AV1 encoding for AMD RDNA3 GPU and Intel Arc GPU, and also supports HEVC encoding for Intel, as well as support for native HEVC and ProRes encoders on macOS.

It is reported that compared to the comparison of H.264/265 or even VP9, AV1 has the characteristics of open source and royalty-free, while the greater advantage is that it can provide a higher compression rate than H.265/264/VP9 with the same image quality, that is, the same bandwidth can transmit a more high-definition picture quality.

win obs studio v29 beta add av1 encoding support for amdintel graphics

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