Free font “AlibabaPuHuiTi” download and installation tutorial

AlibabaPuHuiTi is a free and open source commercially available font released by Ali Group for the general public, but it is prohibited to be used for illegal acts.

AlibabaPuHuiTi includes 5 character weights, 116,895 full-form Chinese characters, and 7,205 Latin letters in Western Alibaba Sans (2 styles, 11 character weights), covering 172 languages (covering most European countries).

The whole set of fonts took 10 months to design, including not only the headline fonts that highlight the brand personality of the company, but also the more practical internal fonts that are suitable for multiple applications in one scenario.

Download and install AlibabaPuHuiTi fonts

1、Download "AlibabaPuHuiTi" (Click to download), and then unzip it to any location.

2、Windows 11/10 installation Right click "Personalize"-"Fonts" on the desktop. Drag the MiSans font you just extracted to the arrow below to install it.

If it is OS X system, select all the fonts and double-click them, a font preview dialog box will appear, click the Install button.

Author: King
Copyright: PCSofter.COM

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