Free font “OPPO Sans” download and installation tutorial

OPPO Sans is a free open source commercially available font launched by OPPO for ColorOS, OPPO Sans is a custom new font launched in 2019 at the launch of the new OPPO Reno series, which adopts a new skeleton, structure and glyph design.

It also simplifies some of the strokes to make the overall shape of the font more concise and elegant, and does a lot of pixel-level optimization for mobile, so it is not tired of reading for a long time.OPPO said that OPPO Sans font is positioned as a global brand font, covering a total of 21 national languages and 11 languages in total.

The Chinese part of the font was designed and completed by typeface designer Huang Jinyuan under the guidance of Zhu Zhiwei, the typeface design director of Han Yi font library, while the Western part was designed by Pentagram Pentagram in the United States and completed in collaboration with the Western project team of Han Yi font library.

OPPO Sans also won the 2022 red dot award for superior design!

free font oppo sans download and installation tutorial

Download and install OPPO Sans fonts

1、Download "OPPO Sans" (Click to download), and then unzip it to any location.

2、Windows 11/10 installation Right click "Personalize"-"Fonts" on the desktop. Drag the MiSans font you just extracted to the arrow below to install it.

If it is OS X system, select all the fonts and double-click them, a font preview dialog box will appear, click the Install button.

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