Xiaomi releases new font MiSans for free commercial use by the whole society

MiSans, a new font released by Xiaomi, is available for free commercial use by the entire community, and the new system font MiSans, adopted in MIUI 13, has a straight and powerful pen style with a simpler design that reduces visual burden and is more conducive to screen display. MiSans provides a variety of OpenType functions to select characters in different forms according to specific needs, for example, certain punctuation marks can be automatically adjusted to the appropriate position according to the shape of the surrounding letters.

Download and install MiSans fonts

1、Download "MiSans" (Click to download), and then unzip it to any location.

2、Windows 11/10 installation Right click "Personalize"-"Fonts" on the desktop. Drag the MiSans font you just extracted to the arrow below to install it.

If it is OS X system, select all the fonts and double-click them, a font preview dialog box will appear, click the Install button.

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