[Download] Microsoft .NET 7 First Preview Released

Recently, Microsoft released the first RC (Release Candidate) version of .NET 7, which is suitable for Windows, macOS and Linux, and is already supported for production use.

According to the log provided by Microsoft, .NET 7 RC 1 will add cloud native support for the first time, which will make it easier for developers to implement applications on the cloud, or build and run applications directly in the cloud.

Through the application of cloud-native technologies, .NET 7 will have higher scalability, efficiency and speed.

download microsoft net 7 first preview released

In addition, .NET 7 RC 1 also brings a lot of updates and optimizations, as follows:

-.NET MAUI: .NET Multiplatform Application UI (MAUI) unifies Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows APIs into a single API, allowing developers to write an app that runs natively on multiple platforms. As part of .NET 7, .NET MAUI provides a project to handle multi-targeting across devices and their platforms.

-ARM64: .NET helps developers build applications that run on ARM devices, and .NET 7 will usher in several improvements.

-Modernization: To make the upgrade experience as seamless as possible, the .NET Upgrade Assistant provides developers with a step-by-step guided experience to modernize .NET applications by analyzing and improving project files, code files, and dependencies.

- Performance: .NET 7 is the fastest .NET out there. .NET 7 brings over a thousand performance-impacting improvements to reflection, stack replacement (OSR), startup time, native AOT, loop optimization, and many other areas.



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