Free commercial font “Kingshan Cloud Tech Font” download and install

33 years ago, Kingsoft was born out of "words". After 33 years, Kingsoft released its first original font library. Kingsoft Cloud UED design team adhered to the spirit of Kingsoft people's "technical career", which lasted for four years, point by point, and ingenious design. "Kingshan Cloud Technology Body" is a sans-serif body, which provides a standard font weight, and the text refers to the GB2312 simplified Chinese encoding character standard. It contains 6763 Chinese characters, 804 foreign languages and numerical symbols, and a total of 7567 characters.


KingDesign design system is an open source design system for enterprise-level products based on Jinshan Cloud’s many years of experience in enterprise-level product design and development and based on the Jinshan Cloud design language. The system consists of components, development, design resources, tools, Composed of solutions and design guidelines, users can use the KingDesign design system to quickly build consistent digital products.

Download and install "Kingshan Cloud Tech Font"

1. Download "Kingsoft Cloud Technology Body" and unzip it to any location.

2. Windows 11/10 installation Right-click on the desktop "Personalization" -> "Fonts". Drag the newly unzipped zip to the arrow below to install it.

free commercial font kingshan cloud tech font download and install

If it is an OS X system, select all the fonts and double-click, a font preview dialog box will appear, click the Install button.

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