Extremely streamlined Win10 system Tiny10 21H2 x64 2209.iso


Although Microsoft is now pushing the Win11 system, the new system is not very flattering. Many people still choose Win10, but the original Win10 is still bloated. Users who like small and streamlined can consider tiny10, which is a simplified version of Win10 modified by netizens. , the latest version only occupies 4.3GB system disk space after installation.

tiny10 is a streamlined system launched by developer NTDEV based on Microsoft's official original Win10. It is different from the common streamlined systems. It pursues extreme simplicity. It claims to be a Win10 system with a 1GB capacity. The core functionality is preserved.

It released a version of the tiny10 system based on Win10 21H2 LTSC in the first half of the year, and then polished it for a few months. Today, it released the latest version 2209 of tiny10 21H2, which solved some problems of the previous version, such as the on-screen keyboard problem. Now it comes with it by default. .net 2.0 and 3.5, the default comes with DX9C, and edge browser, some functions are disabled, more space can be reserved, etc.

Judging from the screenshots he released, after the 2209 version of the tiny10 system is installed, the C drive space is only 4.29GB, which is greatly reduced compared to the original system, and the old platform should run more smoothly.

This version of the system is still based on Win10 21H2 LTSC, and activation requires a volume activation method, such as KMS.


extremely streamlined win10 system tiny10 21h2 x64 2209 iso


Tiny10 21H2 x64 2209.iso

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