iPhone 14 new native wallpaper batch free download

There are still a few days before the official launch of the iPhone 14 series or the first batch of shipments, but Apple has pushed the official version of the iOS 16 system to users around the world this morning.

iOS 16 and iPhone 14 have brought a new batch of native wallpapers. This time Apple did not use the landscape map scheme, but used abstract color blocks interweaving. The effect is quite gorgeous. Body color matching.

iphone 14 new native wallpaper batch free download

If you are also interested, you may wish to download and try it out. The effect of Android can refer to the picture (the model is Pixel 6).

Back on iOS 16, the official version update brings a new lock screen, new customization methods, and various widgets, linking the lock screen and focus mode, and using focus mode conditions to filter distracting content in the app. The Messages app lets you edit or recall the message you just sent. View image query can extract image subjects from Beijing, and copy and paste them into emails, messages, etc.



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