[Win] GPU-Z v2.48.0 release

VideoCardz reports: Among the many existing and upcoming tool software updates, GPU-Z, owned by TechPowerUp, will try to limit leaks of Nvidia factory sample GPUs. In fact, compared to GPU-Z, the website is still known by more people as CPU-Z. After all, major motherboard manufacturers including Asus have cooperated with it. However, in order to prevent related hardware from being leaked during the product co-development and field testing stages, the Green Factory still put more pressure on the industry.

win gpu z v2 48 0 release

Once the update is implemented, neither board partners nor third parties will be able to validate with GPU-Z or submit unreleased BIOS information to the site's advanced database.

Even so, NVIDIA and TechPowerUp couldn't completely prevent public leaks in this regard. After all, these days, means such as mobile phone photos or screenshots are readily available.


  • (1) Introduced a DLSS section in the Advanced tab that locates all installed games that support the 'Deep Learning Supersampling' feature and reports their DLSS version.
  • (2) GPU-Z will no longer send traffic to the www.techpowerup.com official website (but through the www.gpu-z.com domain name) so that IT managers can better prevent leaks.
  • -- Once the new policy is implemented, legacy endpoints will be compromised very quickly, so ask the company or organization's IT admin to update the firewall rules.
  • (3) When an NVIDIA Engineering Sample (ES) GPU is installed, GPU-Z will block all network activity (based on a feature request made by NVIDIA).
  • (4) Numerous improvements in detection, sensors, reporting, and specifications for Intel Arc GPUs.
  • (5) Renamed Intel's GPU power sensor to GPU Chip Power Draw to make it clear that it does not represent the power consumption of the entire card.

Other improvements include:

  • (6) Optimize Chinese translation
  • (7) Add detection of Advantech supplier ID
  • (8) Fixed fan speed monitoring for Intel DG1 graphics cards with newer drivers.
  • (9) Correct the release year of the RTX 3080 12GB graphics card
  • (10) Correct the release date of the Ryzen 5800H APU processor
  • (11) Correct the area size of the RV670 chip
  • (12) Added support for RTX 3050 OEM, MX550 (TU117-A), RTX A5500, A5500 Mobile, A4500 Mobile, A3000 12 GB Mobile, and A1000 Embedded GPU.
  • (13) Added support for Core i5-1230U mobile processor and several new Arc SKUs
  • (14) Add support for AMD FireStream 9170


[Win] GPU-Z v2.48.0

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