Windows 11 latest preview build 25197 ISO image released

Following the push to Insider members of the Dev channel the previous day, Microsoft officially launched the latest preview ISO image of Windows 11, corresponding to the operating system version number Build 25197.

Win11 Build 25197 ISO image download (Insider account required):

With the ISO, users can experience a clean installation or try running the experience in a virtual machine.

Going back to this system update, the biggest change is the re-introduction of a specially optimized tablet mode, including a taskbar designed for tablets. If the system detects that the physical keyboard has been removed, it will automatically enter tablet mode.

It can be seen that the width and elements of the taskbar are larger, which is convenient for touch operation and reduces the probability of misoperation.

In addition, the new version adds new animations to the settings, making the visuals more cool and modern.

It is worth mentioning that although Win11 25197 has a high version number, it does not necessarily correspond to the 2023 version. It is said that Microsoft is planning to abandon its commitment to a major version iteration of Win11 once a year, and replace it with Moment (always update), which is to replace large version iterations with small package patches and constantly unlock new features.

The first Moment update is said to be Build 228xx, followed by Build 22940, etc.

Author: King
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