[Win] setvol.exe : a tool that can modify system volume


setvol.exe is a magical command tool, which can be used to quickly modify the volume on a computer without volume control keys, such as a test machine and so on. We usually need to adjust the volume in the process of using the computer, such as when playing games, but when you enter the game, if the computer does not have a volume shortcut key, you have to pop up the desktop to adjust, or press the speaker to adjust, it is too troublesome, use this command Batch operations can be done. For example, likes to turn the volume to the minimum when opening Potplayer ^_^, do you understand? The following is the specific use tutorial:

  • Download and extract SetVol.exe. Then in the same batch:
  • setvol number. "It's the volume you want"
  • setvol mute "One key mute"
  • setvol mute "One-click restore volume"
  • Create a shortcut for batch processing, set a shortcut key, and that's it.


win setvol exe a tool that can modify system volume


[Win] setvol.exe : a tool that can modify system volume

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