NVIDIA GeForce 473.81 WHQL Release

Today, NVIDIA has pushed out a new 473.81 graphics driver update specifically for Win7 and Win8 systems.

As with previous driver updates for older systems, the 473.81 update also does not support new features and game-related fixes, but only contains new security patches.

If users want to get new feature updates and fixes, they need to upgrade their computers to Win10 or above system versions.

Hardware-wise, the 473.81 update supports all desktop graphics cards from GTX 600 to RTX 3000 series, and all mobile graphics cards from GeForec 800 to RTX 3000 series.

In fact, back in 2021, NVIDIA said it would stop retiring driver degree updates to Win7 and Win8 systems from graphics cards, but the company also promised to send regular security patch updates for devices that can't upgrade their systems for minimal maintenance until September 2024.


NVIDIA GeForce 473.81 WHQL 64bit desktop

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