Intel® Arc™ Graphics – Windows DCH Drivers v30.0.101.3259 Beta

Intel's Arc graphics card has been listed, at present mainly mobile version, desktop version only A380, domestic and international tests generally respond in the driver is still some problems, so Intel driver updates are also very diligent, last night released Arc graphics card driver Beta version, fixing nine bugs in the game.

Intel Arc graphics driver version released, the new version of the driver is mainly to fix the game bugs, as follows.

1, "Rainbow Six: Siege" in DX11 mode to open the highest quality, the Emerald Plains map will appear mapping errors, players who encounter the problem can try to choose Vulkan mode to solve.

2, "Battlefield 5" in DX11 mode, spotlights or campfires and other light sources of light may appear to display errors.

F1 22" may crash when set to "High" or higher quality in DX12 mode and set the ambient light masking to "AMD FidelityFX CACAO". The solution is to turn off the option or replace it with other settings.

4. Halo: Infinite" in DX12 mode, the lighting in the multiplayer menu may appear blurry or overexposed.

5、Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War may crash in DX12 mode.

6, "Call of Duty: Warzone" in DX12 mode, the character model in the menu may appear flickering shadow damage.

7, "Extreme Racing: Horizon 5" in DX12 mode, enable drift and MSAA x4 when the screen may appear block corruption.

8、"Fade Away 2: The Battle of Man and Ren" in DX12 mode, some building surfaces may appear light anomalies.

9、My World Bedrock Edition may have a black screen during initialization in DX11 mode.

Supported hardware models:

  • Intel Arc A770M Graphics
  • Intel Arc A730M Graphics
  • Intel Arc A370M Graphics
  • Intel Arc A350M Graphics

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