Google Chrome v103.0.5060.66 Release

Google Chrome has released the second maintenance version of v103 (v103.0.5060.66), six days after the last official version was released on June 22. This update mainly updates security fixes and stability improvements and user experience.

The new changes

Chrome V103.0.5060.66 (2022-06-28)

Chrome 103 is a major update to Chrome, which Google has been working on to make Chrome faster. Chrome 103 includes support for the 103 Early Hints HTTP response code. Note that "103" is not related to the Version number of Chrome 103. Major browsers start prefetching pages before you click or click on links. HTTP just makes the process a little faster, and on the Internet, being a little faster is important.

Browser V102 is a major update that includes a number of developer-specific enhancements to the back-end apis and the abolition of other apis, as well as window control overlay features for progressive Web applications (PWA) on the desktop. A key feature of this release is the ability for developers to control more space in the desktop PWA by allowing client applications to extend and control the entire screen. The window control can be understood as close, maximize and minimize buttons on the title bar. This will make the PWA look more like a native application.

Browser V101 is a major update that brings a number of improvements, starting with an early trial of the Federated Credential Management API (FedCM), an application interface said to be designed to protect identity privacy while continuing to use relevant use cases without the need for extension point tracking (such as third-party cookies). However, FedCM is currently only available on Chrome 101 stable for Android mobile platforms, and will not be available on the desktop until Chrome 102.

The updated design, which was first previewed in February, features simplified ICONS with brighter colors and no shadows. Chrome designer Elvin Hu said the updated design was in line with "Google's more modern brand expression."

Security fixes and rewards

Chrome V103.0.5060.53, this update includes 14 security fixes.

[$NA][1335458] Critical CVE-2022-2156: Use after free in Base. Reported by Mark Brand of Google Project Zero on 2022-06-11

[$20000][1327312] High CVE-2022-2157: Use after free in Interest groups. Reported by Nan Wang(@eternalsakura13) and Guang Gong of 360 Alpha Lab on 2022-05-19

[$7500][1321078] High CVE-2022-2158: Type Confusion in V8. Reported by Bohan Liu (@P4nda20371774) of Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab on 2022-04-29

[$3000][1116450] Medium CVE-2022-2160: Insufficient policy enforcement in DevTools. Reported by David Erceg on 2020-08-14

[$3000][1330289] Medium CVE-2022-2161: Use after free in WebApp Provider. Reported by Zhihua Yao of KunLun Lab on 2022-05-30

[$2000][1307930] Medium CVE-2022-2162: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API. Reported by Abdelhamid Naceri (halov) on 2022-03-19

[$7000][1308341] Low CVE-2022-2163: Use after free in Cast UI and Toolbar. Reported by Chaoyuan Peng (@ret2happy) on 2022-03-21

[$1000][1268445] Low CVE-2022-2164: Reported by Jose Miguel Moreno Computer Security Lab (COSEC) at UC3M on 2021-11-10

[$500][1250993] Low CVE-2022-2165: Insufficient data validation in URL formatting. Reported by Rayyan Bijoora on 2021-09-19

[1338205] Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives


Google Chrome v103.0.5060.66 official version Offline installer (no update components) 64 bit

Google Chrome v103.0.5060.66 official version Offline installer (no update components) 32 bit

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For Windows (update components) 64bit

For Windows (update components) 32bit

Windows Enterprise (update components) 64bit

Windows Enterprise (update components) 32bit


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