PS4/PS5 emulator is ready: it can now run some games

PS3 emulators are already doing well. The most recent update to the popular RPCS3, for example, has seen performance improvements ranging from 25 to 50 percent in Metal Gear Solid 4 to 5 to 20 percent in Red Dead Redemption and Beyond.

The good news is that an open source emulator called Kyty has been released in v0.1.0, which, while still in its very early stages, already runs a handful of PS4 games.

According to the developers, the simulator's graphics support for the PS5 is not yet complete, so it will suffer from jagged, crashed, frozen or low frames. Features waiting to be improved include audio input/output, MP4 video, networking, multi-user switching and more.

After checking, v0.1.0 version of the compressed package is only 15MB in size.

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Kyty v0.1.0

Author: King
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