[Mac] Color Filters For Photos : Photo filter special effects processing


Color Filters For Photos adds an Extension to the Photos application that allows you to give a creative touch to all your pictures, using a huge variety of color filters and a brush to create color splashes: you can easily color, adjust, change exposure or gamma of selected areas. It also works as standalone application.

To use the extension, open Photos, select a picture, select Edit and click the Extensions button.


  • - Supports all the most common image formats, JPG, TIFF, PNG, HEIC, PSD... and all the RAW formats supported by macOS.
  • - More than 200 filters ready to use that you can combine and mix.
  • - Filters are subdivided in 6 categories: Color Filters, Cinema Filters, Color Variations, Color Effects, Light Filters and Black and White Filters.
  • - Pre-processing with shadows, highlights, gamma, vibrance, fade.
  • - Apply the brush and color the areas that you want.
  • - Use the selection tool to select the areas with maximum precision.
  • - You can adjust the original image and the filtered image separately.
  • - You can apply a filter and paint over a black and white or a vibrant background.
  • - Brush can modify saturation, exposure, hue, temperature, tint, blur...
  • - 20 Blend Modes: Color Dodge, Color Burn, Soft Light, Hard Light...
  • - You can save your own presets and have the settings and brush points always ready.



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