[Android] Simple Draw: Sketchbook


With Simple Draw, you will not be needed any fancy or advanced tools or filters for your favorite doodle or sketch. Just use creativity and freehand drawing to scribble the best sketches on the drawing board and keep them in your sketchbook!

Sketching and drawing are super easy with us!

Simple Draw features

This popular sketchbook for quick draw and paint provides many functions:

✔️ Draw something colorful, sketch simple doodle using different paint and pen size
✔️ Changing the background color, or using an image from your sketchbook as the background and draw on the photo
✔️ Use an eraser if you took the wrong paint
✔️ Insert paint either by selecting it on a palette or by entering the colors hex code
✔️ This simple sketchbook supports different formats like PNG, JPG, or SVG vectors.
✔️ Share it with friends through social networks or message them directly
✔️ Simple Draw app works offline & online! Paint and scribble without the internet!


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