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WinDynamicDesktop Chinese ports the dynamic desktop feature from macOS Mojave to Windows 10. it uses your location to determine the time of sunrise and sunset and changes the desktop wallpaper based on the time of day. Choose a theme and enter your location the first time you run the app, then it will minimize to your system taskbar and change the wallpaper in the background. You can import custom themes or create your own and then customize the app to automatically change the Windows 10 theme colors or update the location periodically.

One of the innovative new features planned for MacOS Mojave is a "dynamic desktop" that will automatically change the desktop from light to dark depending on the time of day.

Both macOS X and Windows 10 offer light and dark modes. You either have to be on the other side or manually move between the two depending on how you feel. We usually keep dark mode permanently, just because it's easier on the eyes and too much of a hassle to switch during the day.

The new "Dynamic Desktop" Mojave feature will seamlessly switch between 16 different wallpapers throughout the day, allowing you to gradually transition from a light to a dark operating system depending on the time of day.

WInDynamicDesktop brings the exact same mechanism (and wallpaper) to Windows 10 PC. Simply download it from the official Microsoft Store and you will need to enter the location - this is required so the app can switch between wallpapers depending on the time of day. The first wallpaper is quite bright, and later in the evening it turns almost dark blue, which is much easier on your eyes.

WInDynamicDesktop just sits in the system tray and runs in the background. It also enables you to switch between light and dark modes manually as well.

WinDynamicDesktop was developed primarily for Windows 10, but should run on any version of Windows with . If your version of the .NET Framework is too old, you can install a newer version from here.

Note: This application uses the LocationIQ API to convert your location to latitude and longitude; if permissions have been granted, the Windows location API is used. Location data is anonymous and is never saved without your consent.


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[Win] WinDynamicDesktop : Open source free dynamic desktop wallpaper

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