[iOS/Android] “ECHOES of MANA” officially opened


"ECHOES of MANA, the latest entry in the Legend of the Sacred Sword series, is now available on iOS and Android platforms.

The Legend of the Sacred Sword "ECHOES of MANA" inherits the ARPG style of the series, players can swipe or tap to perform intuitive operations, and use skills or props to fight according to the battle situation. In addition, there is also a "multiplayer battle" with partners to fight together.

The story of this game tells that under the guidance of the goddess Mana, in order to find the key to save the world "holy sword", you have to start the adventure in various worlds. You can freely compose the characters of the past generations and the original characters of this work, and the ideal team to carry out the adventure.


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For iOS from AppStore

For Android from Google Play

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