NVIDIA GeForce 512.59 WHQL Release

NVIDIA released GeForce Game Ready 512.59 WHQL driver, the biggest difference from the previous version is the addition of NVIDIA Reflex Stats, and the addition of DLSS, optical tracking support or NVIDIA Reflex support for several games.

Midnight Ghost Hunt will support NVIDIA Reflex, which reduces system latency by up to 40%; Chernobylite will add support for raytraced reflections, raytraced translucent reflections, raytraced mesh relief and raytraced water relief in the latest update; and JX3 Online will support the new version of DLSS. Support for Dune: Spice Wars and Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt has also been added.

In addition, the new driver also adds the new NVIDIA Reflex Stats feature. With the new driver, gamers can measure PC latency directly from system latency in games that support Reflex SDK 1.6, without the need to use an additional monitor that supports Reflex Analyzer. The first games to update to Reflex SDK 1.6 and support NVIDIA Reflex Stats include Bright Memory Infinite, Fortnite, Rust, and Valorant.


NVIDIA GeForce 512.59 WHQL For Desktop

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