Memory testing software Memtest86+ developer promises to bring 6.00 update this summer

Memtest86+, the spiritual successor to MemTest86, has been somewhat mired in development. The good news is that the developers behind this memory testing software have promised to release version 6.00 sometime this summer. Looking back at the 5.31b release in April 2020, it was already about six years behind the last release. Little did we know that the release of the new version would be delayed until now due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As an open source project, Memtest86+ is seeking help from a wide range of participants on GitHub.


Version 6.00 is planned to bring many new features, including support for 64-bit, UEFI, XMP DDR5, and up to 256 CPU cores, in addition to PXE and native USB boot.

Screenshot (from: official website)

If all goes well, Memtest86+ will bring a Beta version of v6.00 in April. But if you have some code compilation skills, you can try it now (although there are many warnings that the code has some bugs).

Supposedly, v6.00 essentially rewrites Memtest86+'s code from scratch compared to the old version, which is still missing features (and supposedly removes some features from the old version).

Author: King
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