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macOS Big Sur 11.6 adds support for AirTag, includes improvements for Phone and iPad apps for Macs and M1, introduces separate skin tone variations for couple emoji, and adds more diverse voice options for Siri.

Take a look at the new features...

AirTag and Find My
-AirTag support to privately and securely track and find your important items such as keys, wallet, backpack, etc. in the Find My app
-The Find Me network of hundreds of millions of devices helps you find your AirTag even when it's not nearby
-Lost mode notifies you when you find your AirTag, and you can enter a phone number where you can be reached

iPhone and iPad apps on a Mac with M1
-Options to change the window size of iPhone and iPad apps
-Supports full screen display of the highest resolution version of the iPhone or iPad app
-Keyboard support designed for iPhone and iPad games that use device tilt
-Keyboard, mouse and trackpad support for iPhone and iPad games with game controller support

-Supports couple kissing emoji and heart emoji in all variants with separate skin tones for each person
-New face emoji, heart emoji, woman with a beard emoji

-Siri now includes more voice options

Apple Music
-Autoplay keeps music playing by automatically playing similar songs when you reach the end of a song or playlist
-City charts showcase trending topics from more than 100 cities around the world

-Podcast show display page has been redesigned to make it easier to start listening
-Select to save and download episodes to automatically add them to your media library for quick access
-Download behavior and notification settings can be customized on a case-by-case display basis
-Top charts and top categories in search help you discover new shows

-Redesigned News + summaries allow Apple News + subscribers to quickly find, download and manage magazine and newspaper issues
-New search experience that helps you find relevant topics, channels and stories

Apple Browser
-Now you can customize the order of the "Start Page" section
-Additional W ebExtensions API allows developers to provide alternative extensions to new tabs
-Web Speech API enables developers to integrate speech recognition into their web pages for real-time captioning, dictation and voice navigation
-WebM and Vorbis video and audio format support

-Ability to sort "Today's Smart" lists
-Support for synchronizing the order of reminders in the list between devices
-Option to print reminder lists

-Xbox Series X | S wireless controller or Sony PS5 DualSense™ wireless controller support

Mac computers with M1 chips
-Hibernation support

About this Mac
-Apple warranty status and AppleCare + coverage in the Services tab when logging in with your Apple ID in About This Mac
-Support for purchasing and registering AppleCare + from About This Mac for eligible Mac computers

This release also resolves the following issues.
-Reminders created via Siri may be inadvertently set early in the morning
-iCloud keychain may not close
-AirPods audio routed to incorrect device for auto-switching
-AirPods auto-switching notifications may be lost or duplicated
-External 4K display may not display at full resolution when connected via USB-C
-Login window may not display correctly after restarting Mac mini (M1, 2020)
-Residency may not work in the Accessible Keyboard

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices and require an Apple ID.

macOS Big Sur Versions Build APP Available Dates
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.6.3 20G415 16.8.31 Yes 1/26/22
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.6.2 20G314 16.8.20 Yes 12/13/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.6.1 20G224 16.8.10 Yes 10/25/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.6 20G165 16.8.00 Yes 9/17/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.5.2 20G95 16.7.04 Yes 8/11/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.5.1 20G80 16.7.02 Yes 7/26/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.5 20G71 16.7.01 Yes 7/21/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.4 20F71 16.6.01 Yes 5/26/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.3.1 20E241 16.5.02 Yes 5/3/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.3 20E232 16.5.01 Yes 4/26/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 11.2.3 20D91 16.4.08 Yes 3/08/21

InstallAssistant.pkg is just a standard package that contains the complete macOS Big Sur All the pkg does is install/move the application to your Applications folder.

Author: King
Copyright: PCSofter.COM

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