MSI strikes GE67 HX Unboxing

The Strong GE series comes with the first 15.6-inch Samsung 2.5K 240Hz OLED screen with 2.5K resolution, 1,000,000/1 contrast ratio, 0.2ms response time, and VESA Display HDR True Black 600 certification.

It also has an ultra-high refresh rate of 240Hz, which brings all the benefits of an OLED screen, including ultra-low response time, professional wide gamut and ultra-high contrast.

In terms of performance, the Powerful GE HX series is powered by a 16-core 24-thread Intel HX processor that guarantees processing power up to 150W MTP (maximum turbo acceleration power). Microstar supercharged design can achieve CPU+GPU up to 250W performance release.

In addition, this laptop adopts the Cooler Boost 5 Microstar Cool Pro cooling system, dual-fan 7-heat pipe cooling structure, and adopts the phase-change cooling technology to solve the temperature problem caused by high performance and high power consumption.

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