Redmi Note 11T Pro+ Unboxing

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Note 11T Pro+ continues the classic trend of small vertical edge design, vertical edge + four sides of the body back, creating a delicate and capable body line.

For better grip, the Note 11T Pro+ uses a body ratio of 20.5:9, which is 1.9mm narrower than its predecessor. For the first time in recent generations, the body width is less than 75mm, even at the same level as the recently released flagship with a top-of-the-line curved screen.

Note 11T Pro+ also has a great improvement in the body refinement. The camera Deco on the back adopts the metal integrated process, with higher structural strength and more exquisite. The glossy camera protection ring is textured against Deco's frosted surface, further enhancing the visual layering.

As for the screen, the Note 11T Pro+ supports 144Hz with 7 speed shifts (30/48/50/60/90/120/144Hz), which can perfectly match the display frame rate according to the frame rate of the content. It is extremely smooth and has the lowest power consumption.

The Note 11T Pro+ is an upgrade based on the performance of the Note 10 Pro, and the mission of the "T" is to continuously break through the mid-range performance ceiling.

In terms of specific configuration, Note 11T Pro+ is equipped with A Breguet 8100 processor, with a running score of over 800,000. It is also equipped with 6400Mbps full blood VERSION LPDDR5 memory (for the first time in the Note series) and flagship UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory. The performance configuration is completely similar to that of the flagship, achieving the largest one-time power leap in the history of the Note series. The Note 11T Pro+ also comes with 512GB of storage to meet users' demand for more extreme capacity.

Camera-wise, the Note 11T Pro+ has an AI three-camera: 64 megapixel main camera, 8 megapixel ultra wide lens and 2 megapixel macro lens. The main camera is Samsung GW1, which has a 1/1.7 inch outsole and supports 4-in-1 1.6μm pixels. It is clear during the day and pure at night. It can also output 64 megapixel ultra hd photos.

The Venti Pro+ focuses on fast delivery of flagship technology. This time, the Note 11T Pro+ comes with a 120W quick charge powered by Xiaomi's homegrown Paper P1 chip. With two high-efficiency 4:1 charging chip ThepaperP1 and MTW multi-pole ear cell structure, the 4400mAh battery can be charged to 60% in 10 minutes and 100% in 19 minutes.

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