XiaoMI Band 7 NFC Unboxing

On the evening of May 24, Mi Band 7 was officially released, equipped with the strongest display of the same level and a new design language OS. It also claims to be the most comprehensive and adaptable band in the industry.

The last generation mi band 6 has reached 326PPI with retina AMOLED display, making it the most exquisite bracelet with a price range of 300 yuan.

The mi Band 7 series has been upgraded again, with the resolution increased to 192x490, the screen expanded to 1.62 inches, the visible area increased by 25%, and the screen brightness and control fluency improved.

Its system UI is fully upgraded, designed for the runway screen, more intuitive information display, more information on a single page, more beautiful vision. 100+ New design colorful/dynamic dial, support AOD panel display. Part of the dial support component switch, support album dial.

In terms of performance, Mi Band 7 series adopts the new chip platform Dialog 14706(the previous generation Dialog 14697 is used in the band 6), which has stronger computing power and supports GPU graphics rendering, making the animation experience on the band smoother.

The mi wristband weighs only 13.5g and is comfortable to wear. The antibacterial function of the wrist strap is supported by adding silver glass carrier antibacterial agent to the wrist strap, which has an antibacterial rate of more than 99% against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

New sweat channel design, reduce the sultry feeling, reduce the accumulation of sweat and water stains after exercise or washing hands, avoid giving people a feeling of sultry and damp for a long time.

In terms of sports, The Mi Band 7 series supports the most 120 sports modes in the industry (30 on the upper generation), but the automatic recognition of sports modes is reduced from 6 to 4 (running, walking, rowing machine, elliptical machine).

It supports four professional exercise data: maximal oxygen uptake, training load, recovery time and aerobic/anaerobic training effect. Fully measure the user's exercise effect.

In addition, mi Band 7 also added 24-hour continuous blood oxygen monitoring, all-day abnormal heart rate monitoring (atrial fibrillation monitoring).

In terms of battery life, Mi Band 7 has a 14-day battery life and 7 days of heavy use. Magnetic charger can be charged by magnetic charger, which is shared with band 5/6.

We have the NFC version, equipped with all-round NFC, the most complete coverage of the bus card, support to write access card, NFC version supports 300+ city bus card swipe card, access card swipe card.

NFC version also supports xiaoai students voice wake up, query the weather, control smart home and other functions.

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