vivo Pad official rendering announced: metal body full screen, two colorways

Vivo has previously announced that it will hold a new product launch event on April 11, which will introduce a number of new products, including the large-screen flagship and foldable flagship X Fold/X Note combination, as well as the first tablet Vivo Pad.

This morning, the @vivo智能终端 official microblogging brought another wave of official breaking news, announcing the latest renderings of the Vivo Pad's appearance, showing the appearance of two new colorways.

The back and sides of the Vivo tablet are integrated with a full metal design, which is thinner and lighter, and has two colors: sky blue and deep sky gray, which looks more sophisticated than similar competitors.

The back of the "large" rear camera module is also very attractive attention, from the picture should be a dual-camera module, is expected to have a good imaging effect.

As for the hardware specifications, previous news said Vivo tablet will be equipped with a 120Hz large full-screen, front camera opening in the bezel, equipped with Snapdragon 870 processor, built-in 7860mAh capacity battery, support 44W fast charging, with multi-terminal interconnection system.

For now, the most important part of the folding screen and tablet experience is the system optimization, requiring manufacturers to carry out a large number of large screen adaptations, has been to achieve a more excellent operating experience.

The double release of the folding screen and the tablet also means that Vivo will make some new optimization based on the big screen on the system, which is worth looking forward to.

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