Seagate Cool Eagle 20TB Super Large Hard Drive Unboxing

Yesterday, Seagate announced the Cool Eagle 20TB ultra large hard drive. This is another mega-capacity hard drive from Seagate after the Galaxy X20 and Coolwolf Pro 20TB.

The Cool Eagle AI 20TB drive features ImagePerfect AI firmware, which not only guarantees zero frame loss for video, but also allows for larger workloads and ultra-high reliability with an average time between failures of 2 million hours and an annual workload of 550TB, more than three times that of a normal hard drive.

It also supports SkyHawk Health Management, which protects storage systems by monitoring the environment and usage conditions and recommending preventive measures when necessary.

The Coolhawk AI 20TB drive is also a standard 3.5" form factor, SATA 6Gbps interface, internally packaged with 10 discs, 2TB single disc capacity, CMR traditional magnetic recording, 1146Gb/square inch storage density, 256MB cache, 7200RPM speed, 248MB/s internal sustained data transfer rate, 260MB/s maximum, and 4.16ms average latency. 4.16ms.

Seagate Cool Eagle AI 20TB hard drive is not yet available in China, before the Cool Eagle 18TB version 3459 yuan, 20TB version we think will sell how much?

Via MyDrivers

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